Our Values

The Global Land Programme (GLP) is a community of scientists that applies transdisciplinary science to contribute knowledge towards the sustainability and well-being of communities related to land systems across the globe. To do so we must acknowledge that inequities and injustices pervade the land systems and the communities that we study.

The GLP Science Steering Committee condemns discrimination in any form within our scientific community and the communities of people we study. As a Global Research Project of Future Earth, which is sponsored by the International Science Council, we support the ISC’s statement on combating systemic racism and other forms of discrimination. We pledge to continue our work in creating a diverse and inclusive space for dialogue where we can jointly make land system science more inclusive and more representative of the communities who bear the costs of unsustainable land use on a daily basis.

Our current plans to realize these goals include, among others:

  • a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement and action plan produced through a consultative GLP community-wide process;
  • new and ongoing efforts to support land system scientists in the Global South and in underrepresented groups everywhere through active dedication of time and resources by the IPO and SSC to expand scholarship, training, research, and engagement opportunities.

We acknowledge that in all of these areas we can do better and welcome advice on how to do so.