Who We Are: Members


GLP is committed to building a community of land system scientists around the world who exchange ideas from many different perspectives and enter into dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond the land science and global change communities. For this purpose, the membership of individual scientists represents the first step of involvement. GLP members will be informed regularly on the program’s activities and events. Members will be invited to share their profiles and their publications through the GLP website. Furthermore, they are invited to propose their research projects for endorsement, participate to the Open Science Meetings, and to join Working Groups. GLP members are also encouraged to acknowledge GLP in their publications whenever relevant.

Individual membership in GLP is voluntary, open, and free and no one is excluded. To “Become a Member” and subscribe to the GLP E-News mailing list, individuals fill out the registration form. Members receive the monthly e-newsletter and occasional email announcements on GLP related activities and opportunities (i.e., an upcoming OSM). As a member of GLP one may choose to provide minimal information (name, affiliation, key expertise) with the option that it remain hidden, or build a public profile with the option to make it visible in various community fora on the website (e.g., as members under ‘who we are’, as a member of particular working group, and/or associated with an contributing project). Members are responsible for updating their profiles regularly.

See more information about our members on the Find a Scientist search page.