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January 20, 2023

A new article in Global Environmental Change identifies factors determining local stickiness in Brazil's soy supply chain.

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December 13, 2021

A new paper in Environmental Research Letters uses Brazil as an example of how a legality criterion adopted by consumer countries is insufficient to protect forests and other ecosystems and may worsen deforestation and conversion risks by incentivizing the weakening of social-environmental protection by producer countries.

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December 12, 2021

The authors of a new paper in Environmental Science & Policy used a metric of supply chain stickiness, calculated from temporal network analyses on the Brazilian soy export supply chain, as a proxy to explore their effect on the adoption and effectiveness of zero deforestation commitments (ZDCs).

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April 3, 2021

The webinar recording, presentations and additional materials for the GLP Social-Ecological Land Systems of Latin America (LASELS) Working Group (LASELS)'s second webinar are now available.

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