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March 31, 2023

Abstracts invited for a session at the XVI Congreso Nacional de la AEET: “La Ecología en una biosfera humanizada”, which will take place from 16-20 October 2023 at Universidad de Almería (UAL), Almería, Spain. Deadline: 17 April 2023

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GLP News

March 2, 2023

A new paper in Landscape Ecology examined how studying the Covid-19 pandemic's severe impacts on land users and landscapes around the world allow a better understanding of how global shocks, cascading disruptions, and reconnections influence contemporary land systems. The paper grew out of a collaboration between multiple GLP Working Groups.

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December 13, 2021

A new paper in PNAS demonstrates an approach to identify homesteads of forest-dependent people and to track their resource base over 30 years across the entire South American Gran Chaco (1.1 million km2).  The transferable and scalable methodology puts forest smallholders on the map and can help to uncover the land-use conflicts at play in many deforestation frontiers across the globe.

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August 10, 2021

The materials, webinar recording and blog post from the GLP Social-Ecological Land Systems of Latin America (LASELS) Working Group's June Meet & Greet are now available.

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