Science-Policy Interface on Land
Siblings paddling to school in Siwito Silalo, Mongu, Western Zambia. Photo: Felix Clay, Duckrabbit, 2012

Science-Policy Interface on Land

Why GLP works towards sustainable development of land systems

Land system science is strongly rooted in inter- and transdisciplinary approaches. Since its origins land system researchers have addressed the dynamics of socio-ecological systems from a sustainability perspective. In 2015 GLP joined the Future Earth programme that aims to provide knowledge and support to accelerate transformations to a more sustainable world. In line with this goal GLP is committed to support integrated and more socially relevant science, in which scientists work in partnership with society and decision-makers.

With co-funding of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the International Programme Office (IPO) of GLP aims to support the land science community and its own Scientific Steering Committee  in their efforts to advance sustainability transformations.   Referring to the UN Agenda 2030 as a normative compass, and in line with our concept presented above, over the next four years (2016-2020) the IPO will:  

  • Support the implementation of GLPs research agendas that provide guidance on how to link cutting-edge land system science with its societal relevance in various contexts worldwide.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary syntheses through working groups on globally relevant land related topics;
  • Establish and facilitate science-policy interfaces from national to regional and international levels to engage in dialogue, knowledge exchange and mutual learning fur sustainability transformations;  
  • Advance transformative science in concrete contexts as illustrated in our special topic newsletter on co-design in land system science. Support shall be provided on transdisciplinary research approaches, methods and tools for knowledge co-production and research partnerships.

Figure: GLP is in a unique position to pioneer and demonstrate how land system science can support research for sustainable development. Pursuing research for sustainable development of land systems as an overall goal, we strive for an increased connection between specialized knowledge with sustainability transformations, as well as enhanced linkages across scales from local realities to global debates.