Policy Briefs

The Science for Action Series is jointly coordinated by the International Land Coalition (ILC) and the Global Land Programme (GLP). It brings together key findings from research networks relevant to ILC’S ten commitments to People-Centred Land Governance. The Series facilitates exchange of knowledge between scientists, civil society, and grassroots organisations to strengthen efforts of land users, practitioners and policy-makers to bring about positive change in land governance.


Science for Action

Commitment 2: Supporting Small-Scale Farming Systems

Science for Action: Commitment 2

This brief refers to Commitment Two: ‘Ensure equitable land distribution and public investment that supports small-scale farming systems, including through redistributive agrarian reforms that counter land concentration, provide for secure and equitable use and control of land, and allocate appropriate land to landless rural producers and urban residents, whilst supporting smallholders as investors and producers, such as through cooperative and partnership business models’. You can download the brief in high resolution (6.6 MB) or low resolution (< 1 MB) and download the endnotes.

Commitment 5: Securing Land and Territorial Rights for Indigenous Peoples

Science for Action: Commitment 5

This brief refers to Commitment Five, to: Respect and protect the inherent land and territorial rights of indigenous peoples, as set out in ILO Convention 169 and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including by recognizing that respect for indigenous knowledge and cultures contributes to sustainable and equitable development and proper management of the environment. It is based on the research of CIFOR, the Center for International Forestry Research, a member of the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR), and an ILC member. You can download the brief in high resolution (6.3 MB) or low resolution (< 1 MB) and download the endnotes.

Commitment 7: Fostering Inclusive Decision-Making in Land Governance and Land Use

Science for Action: Commitment 7

This brief refers to Commitment Seven, to: Ensure that processes of decision-making over land are inclusive, so that policies, laws, procedures and decisions concerning land adequately reflect the rights, needs and aspirations of individuals and communities who will be affected by them. This requires the empowerment of those who otherwise would face limitations in representing their interests, particularly through support to land users’ and other civil society organisations (CSO) that are best able to inform, mobilise and legitimately represent marginalised land users, and their participation in multi-stakeholder platforms (MSP) for policy dialogue. It is based on the research of the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), Nitlapan and Collaborating for Resilience (CoRe). You can download the brief in high resolution (7.3 MB) or low resolution (< 1 MB) and download the endnotes.

Commitment 10: Protecting Defenders

This brief refers to Commitment Ten: Respect and protect the civil and political rights of human rights defenders working on land issues, combat the stagmatisation and criminalisation of peaceful protest and land rights activist, and end impunity for human rights violations, including harassment, threats, violence and political imprisonment. This brief is based on research carried out by Trócaire, an agency of the Irish Catholic Church and member organisation of the ILC. You can download the brief in high resolution (5.1 MB) or low resolution (< 1 MB) and download the endnotes.