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GLP Newsletter Issue No. 12 (November 2015)

Perspective: A new focus for ecological restoration: management of degraded forest remnants in fragmented landscapes; Articles: Exploring the future land use-biodiversity-climate nexus in East Africa; Land-use and land-cover change in a global biodiversity conservation priority; Threats to the Southwest Australian Biodiversity Hotspot; Natural riches of Amazonia, deforestation and its consequences, Historical ecology perspectives of change at Amboseli, Kenya; Environmental change and Water Ecosystem Services in the Bolivian Amazon Lowlands; Spatio-temporal patterns of forest recovery on abandoned arable land; Land cover change and its implication for the sustainable management of West African water resources; How sustainable is the land footprint of nations?; Research into Bio-Energy Change and Sustainable Land Use in the New Millennium; Side effects of green technologies; Remote sensing applications for assessing water-related risks and its interdependencies with land cover change and biodiversity in southern Africa; Territorial approaches to enhance biodiversity in rural Europe; Global mangrove mapping; The Risk of Protection

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 11 (April 2015)

Perspective: Inter-disciplinarity, human-environment interactions and the all-sidedness of man; Articles: Urban experiences from the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) network; RegioPower - an online platform for interactive tools for participatory landscape assessment and planning; Co-innovation for water management in New Zealand; Climate related risks (droughts and floods) on agriculture: awareness on building resilience and increasing mitigation in Cote d'Ivoire; GeoBolivia, the public geographic data portal of the Plurnational State of Bolivia: a tool for the co-production of spatially explicit knowledge; The co-production of ecosystem service knowledge: experiences from large inter- and transdisciplinary projects; A legal tool for participatory methods in land systems science: the Thai model of Health Impact Assessment and the consideration of zoonotic diseases concerns into policies; Lessons for REDD+ from complex mosaic landscapes; Tools for co-creation of new knowledge for transformation to sustainable urban landscapes; Transition to sustainability: are participatory multi-scale scenarios a useful tool?

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 10 (June 2014)

Perspective: Globalization and land use in Latin America; Articles: Using the planet; Coping with a land-grab world: lessons from Laos; Challenges for land-system modeling in the domain of food, bioenergy and water; Can UNESCO Biosphere Reserves bridge the apparant gap between land sharing and land sparing?; Science-policy dialogue for managing land use change: bridges and barriers; Geospatial technologies, indigenous institutions and sustaniable land governance in developing countries; Tree cover transitions in tropical landscapes: hypotheses and cross-continental synthesis; REDD-PAC: modeling land-use at global and national scales to support REDD+ policies; Monitoring global and local land transformations: how can remote sensing and GIS help?; Global Geo-Referenced Field Photo Library; Globalizing our understanding of land-use change; GeoDMA: a toolbox integrating data mining with object-based and multi-temporal analysis of satellite remotely sensed imagery

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 9 (November 2012)

Perspective: Inter-disciplinarity, human-environment interactions and the all-sidedness of man; Articles: Large-scale land acquisitions in the 'Global South': creating evidence on a global level; Geo-Wiki: a tool for crowdsourcing land cover; GEOSHARE: Geospatial Open Source Hosting of Agriculture, Resource & Environmental data for discovery and decision making; The Biodiversity Multi-SOurce Monitoring System: from space to species (BIO_SOS) project; Global forst cover change mapping at Landsat resolution; Event report: Post-socialist land use between abandonment and land grabbing; Overview of multidisciplinary ENVRIOMIS conferences; Spatial land use modeling: simulating decisions and their condequences for climate, carbon, and water; Research notes: Democracy in the woods: the politics of forest property rights

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 8 (March 2012)

Articles: The GLOBE Project: accelerating global synthesis of local studies in land change science; Analyzing land use transitions: how the HANPP framework can help to advance our understanding of changes in land use intensification; Carbon hotspots in cities can ameliorate carbon loss due to urban sprawl; Carbon markets as a driver for multiple ecosystem service and economic benefits; Land systems after socio-economic disturbances: the collapse of the Soviet Union versus Chernobyl; How collaborative research programmes will support policies in a better way; Land use transition in South America: framing the present, preparing for a sustainable future; LuccME-TerraME: an open-source framework for spatially explicit land use change modelling; Risk, vulnerability and adaptation capacity: a reflection about the non-reducibility of social and bio-physical vulnerability; Project URBISAmazonia: what is the nature of the urban phenomenon in the contemporary Amazonia?; Infrastructure, institutions and land cover change: a comparative analysis in the Southwestern Amazon; Linking models of human behaviour and decision making processes with land system models

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 7 (March 2011)

Articles: Community building, priority setting, scientific exchange - the GLP 2010 Open Science Meeting: ‘Land Systems, Global Change and Sustainability’; Feeding and fuelling the world 2050 - a new perspective on the food versus fuel debate; Collaborators welcome - Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project; Representation and mapping of ecosystem goods and services; Dynamics, Metrics, Services and Scenarios for Eco systems in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, USA; Challenge of International Long-Term Ecological Research network (ILTER) for Socio-Ecological Land Sciences; Long Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER) across Temporal and Spatial Scales; The GLP mindset in action: New EU-FP7 project VOLANTE develops visions for future land use transitions in Europe; Spatial Land Use Change and Ecological Effects at the Rural-Urban Interface - SLUCE; Proambiente: Initial Lessons From an Environmental Service Program in the Brazilian Amazon; Economic globalization as a dominant cause of land change; Restoring forests at home can lead to deforestation abroad; Connecting scaling and governance in policy making; Spatial patterns and driving forces of land use change in China during the early 21st century; Dramatic agricultural land use change in Eastern Inner Mongolia, China: Responses and implications to ecological restoration projects; GLP and CCAFS: Potential for cooperation between scientific communities

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 6 (March 2010)

Shifting cultivation/Forest-agriculture frontiers - Articles: Integrating Traditional and Scientific Knowledge of Forest Regeneration in Swidden Cultivation Systems of Northern Thailand for Tropical Forest Restoration; Landscapes of Poverty and Environment in Lao PDR; Farmer gone Fish’n? Swidden Decline and the Rise of Grouper Fishing on Palawan Island, the Philippines; Land-use/land-cover change in the Atlantic Rainforest (Brazil) - The historical ecology of the Quilombola shifting cultivation system; Environmental Dimensions of the Agrarian Transition in the Uplands of the Lao PDR; The Expansion of Rubber and its Implications for Water and Carbon Dynamics in Mainland Southeast Asia; What do we really know about shifting cultivation and carbon storage?; Additional articles: Global HANPP - Processes, Trajectories and Application; Linking Satellite Images with Local Attitudes - Evidence from Buffer Zone Management in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 5 (June 2009)

Dry lands - Articles: Wind erosion and ecosystem consequences following vegetation removal in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland; Climate, land-use/land-cover change and institutional response: A multi-scalar approach to human-environment interactions in southern Africa; The Grass is Greener in the Sahel - The View from Lund; Modelling land-use and land-cover change and the impact on water resources in northern Mongolia; Al Jabal Al Akhdar Initiative – Conservation and Sustainable Development in a fragile arid mountain ecosystem in northern Oman; Additional articles: Integrated assessment of carbon in Austria 1830-2000 reveals strong feedbacks between socioeconomic and ecological drivers; The potential of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to study land dynamics; Could carbon buy food? The stakes of mitigation versus adaptation to climate change in African Countries

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 4 (October 2008)

GLP Endorsed Projects - Articles: A downward spiral following deforestation in the southern Yucatan; Impacts of rangeland development on plant functional diversity, ecosystem processes and services, and resilience; Effects of climate change on the soil erosion risk in alpine areas; Sustainability Impact Assessment Tools for Environ - mental, Social and Economic Effects of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions (SENSOR); Mind the long-term information gaps on changing human-environment systems: Options for optimized cooperation; Additional articles: Fertilizer use in Indian agriculture; Linking land-use change, land manager behaviour, and ecological change through agent-based land market models; Japan Long-term Ecological Research Network (JaLTER) toward integrated interdisciplinary analysis of ecosystem services with human-environment linkage

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 2 (June 2007)

GLP news summary, New Faces, IPO networking activities, GLP network and database; IPO Report back: Sapporo workshop, NASA LCLUC science team meeting, MEESPI summit; Endorsed Projects overview and detailed introduction

GLP Newsletter Issue No. 1 (September 2006)

Foreword; International Project Office; Website; Endorsement of Projects; Nodal Offices; Upcoming Meetings