Values Assessment of IPBES: Invitation to become external reviewer of second order draft

Related GLP Member: Unai Pascual

Dear Colleagues, I would like to invite you to become an external reviewer of the second order draft of the Values Assessment of IPBES (the assessment started in 2018 and will be finalized next year). The review process for IPBES assessments is the same as for IPCC assessments, so some of you would already be familiar with it. The quality of the assessments relies to a great extent on external reviews, which is why I am reaching out to you. If interested in becoming a reviewer, you may choose which chapter or parts of different chapters to review. I have summarized below a few aspects to help you understand the review process. If you need any technical help, you can contact the Technical Support Unit of the values assessment ( I would very much appreciate if you could share this email with other people that may be interested.

Unai Pascual
Co-Chair of the IPBES values assessment
Member of the GLP SSC


The Second Order Draft (SOD) of the Values Assessment of IPBES is now out for review by external experts, including governments. The first draft of the Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) is also available for review.

We would like to encourage receiving constructive comments on how to strengthen both documents. The SOD of the Values Assessment contains six different chapters. The SPM includes the key messages across chapters.

The chapters of the SOD of the VA are: 1) Introduction; 2) Conceptualization of diversity of values; 3) Methods and approaches; 4) Use of valuation in governance; 5) Values in futures; 6) Capacity development. The introductory chapter provides a general view of the assessment and the process, and each of the chapters contains an executive summary.

The comments can be focused on specific sections of any of the chapters, including how to better address certain topics. Since it is an "assessment" it is based on the existing literature so comments on missing key references are also welcome.

All comments received will be addressed by the experts of each of the chapters.

There is a specific template where to add comments. This is based on an Excel-type spread sheet where comments related to specific parts of the assessment can be provided.

In order to be able to review the assessment, it is necessary to register in the IPBES website and as a reviewer for the values assessment. The link for registration:

The deadline for submitting comments is 19th March 2021.