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"Threshold” Podcast features Nagendra's research on climate change

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We keep hearing (and saying) that solving climate change is really hard. But we actually know what we need to do—and have the technology to do it—right now. It’s more a question of what happens if we don’t act fast enough.

This is Threshold Season 4: “Time to 1.5.” In this episode, we look at some models for how we can realistically meet the 1.5C goal and get to net zero by 2050. There is hope and there are also challenges, but the biggest barriers and our most promising tools are our imperfect human selves.

Episode Guests:

Christopher Clack, founder and CEO of Vibrant Clean Energy, an innovator in intelligent power grid design.

Jim Williams, professor at the University of San Francisco, global thought leader on low-carbon energy systems, and former chief scientist at Energy and Environmental Economics (E3).

Adam Reed, Senior Advisor at Associated Universities, Inc., where he advises the National Commission on Grid Resilience on improving the resilience of the nation's power grid to both natural and human threats.

Dr. Harini Nagendra, ecologist and Director of the Research Center at Azim Premji University in Bangalore, India, where she also leads the University’s Center for Climate Change and Sustainability.