Survey on teaching Ecosystem Services concept

Related GLP Member: Marcin Spyra, Luis Inostroza

During the last ESP World conference in Hannover ( ), GLP Europe Nodal Office Coordinator Marcin Spyra together with his colleagues Igone Palacios, Nina Hagemann, Marta Sylla, and Gloria Rodriguez-Loinaz organized session G6a titled “Effective teaching strategies for making the ES concept relevant for society”. The session aimed to share and discuss experiences on teaching the ES concept, so higher effectiveness is achieved in the Ecosystem Services Teaching and Learning processes.

To facilitate this aim, they developed an online survey to be held prior to the session. After a fruitful discussion on Teaching Ecosystem Service at the 10th ESP Conference, and to enrich the pool of answers and get wider responses, they have decided to make a second round of the survey. This survey will allow them to analyze the state of the art on Teaching Ecosystem Service, so further steps can be identified.   

Please fill out the the survey by the 20th of December, especially those colleagues who are teaching on Ecosystem Services concept in different formats. Filling the survey should not take longer than 15 minutes.