Submit a session abstract on spatiotemporal changes for AGU

Related GLP Member: Yuanwei Qin, Jinwei Dong, Xiangming Xiao

Three GLP Members are seeking submissions for the AGU session, "B104 - Spatiotemporal changes of forest area, phenology, and biomass under human activities and climate change" at the Fall Meeting in San Francisco this December.


Extensive forest loss and gain occurred from regional to global scales under human activities and natural disturbances, such as conversion of forests to industrial plantations, woody plant encroachment (WPE) into grasslands. The spatial-temporal dynamics of forests have substantial impacts on carbon and water cycles. The increasing data availability and multi-source remote sensing observation platforms substantially facilitate the analyses of spatiotemporal change of forests, forest phenology, and aboveground biomass using optical, microwave, and Lidar. This session aims to highlight recent forest research activities and welcomes diverse studies that (1) use multi-sensor and/or time series remote sensing data to track spatiotemporal change of forests, industrial plantations, and WPE in the last few decades; (2) analyze climate, socio-economic, and policy factors that drive observed spatial-temporal dynamics of forests, industrial plantations, and WPE; and (3) assess the consequences (e.g., carbon and water cycles) of observed spatial-temporal dynamics of forests, industrial plantations, and WPE.

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