Special Issue: Ecological Modelling for Transformation

Editorial Team: Rico Fischer, Martin Drechsler, Karin Frank, Uta Berger, Rose Wang, Christina Semeniuk, Amanda Armstrong, Volker Grimm

Scope: In a world where biodiversity and ecosystem services are at high risk, business as usual is no longer possible. Transformation of how societies deal with natural resources is much needed, but requires a better understanding of how ecological and social-ecological systems respond to change and human intervention. Ecological Modelling thus needs to aim at predicting the response to change and to address multiple scales in time, space and organization that are relevant for management. This special issue follows the 9th European Conference on Ecological Modelling (ECEM 2023) and welcomes contributions that directly or indirectly support transformation. This includes strategies and models that focus on improving one or more of the following aspects: representation of response mechanisms, multi-criteria model evaluation, model-data fusion, sensitivity and robustness analyses, up-scaling and transferability to new regions, linkage to management scenarios, social-ecological systems, transparency and reproducibility, implementation and testing of theories and concepts, and multi-model synthesis. In general, any contribution that advances ecological modelling is welcome.

We would be very grateful if you would consider submitting a paper (attendance at the conference is not a prerequisite for submission). Details can be found here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/ecological-modelling/about/call-for-papers#ecological-modelling-for-transformation

Submissions will be accepted until 31 March 2024. When submitting, please select "VSI: Modelling Transformation" as the article type (please do not confuse this with "VSI ISEM 2023"). Accepted papers will normally be published online within 1-2 weeks of acceptance. For those of you working in Germany: please note that now, several years after Wiley and Springer, Elsevier, the publisher of Ecological Modelling, has also agreed a so-called DEAL contract with German universities and research institutions, which includes Open Access for your publications in Elsevier journals from the beginning of 2024, if your institution has signed the contract (please check with your institution).