SELS of Latin America Working Group expands leadership team

Related GLP Member: María Piquer-Rodríguez, Lucia Zarba, Elizabeth Díaz-General, Carlos Ramirez-Reyes

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth Díaz-General and Carlos Ramirez-Reyes have joined María Piquer-Rodríguez and Lucia Zarba as coordinators of the GLP Socio-ecological Land Systems of Latin America Working Group.

The overall goal of the Working Group is to generate a channel for discussion and collaboration on the understanding and defining of SELS for Latin America by contrasting and synthesizing experts’ territorial knowledge with available socio-ecological data. The members' overarching aim is to contribute to the Land System Science community by generating a reference framework for analyzing patterns and processes in land science, management and planning under the umbrella of SELS in Latin America. 

The group was created in 2020 and currently has 71 members.