Self-paced version of Landscape Ecology MOOC now available

Dear colleagues, dear students, 

due to the Corona Situation, University teachers and students are in desperate need of distant learning tools. We thus decided to re-run the MOOC Landscape Ecology as a self-paced version until September, when the next regular course starts. We would like to give everyone the opportunity to use this particular time to learn about landscape ecology and to use parts or the entire course to enrich the current distant learning efforts. Note that this course is a re-run from our last year's instructor-paced edition. Any content and notes related to due dates are now irrelevant in the self-paced mode.  And, we cannot provide any support in the discussion sections, therefore students are requested to help each other. Enjoy the course and stay safe!

The course features theory, methods and tools to solve landscape-related environmental problems. Building on introductory theory units, leading Landscape Ecology professors present case studies from around the world, highlighting innovative and collaborative approaches. 

Help us spread the word - please forward this email to interested colleagues, and post it on social media channels and websites of your organisations (IALE, IUFRO, IFLA, Landscape Observatory etc.). Thanks!

Best regards,
Felix Kienast