Request for submissions: The Journal of Land Use Science, timely commentaries

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Request for submissions:
The Journal of Land Use Science is looking to publish timely commentaries on current debates.

Short (2,000 word) manuscripts that take a side on a controversial issue – please present a strong position supported by evidence.

Please review journal’s aims and scope to align your paper to fit.

Potential topics:

  • Conservation policy (e.g., “land sparing vs. land sharing”)
  • International land governance, from territory to flows?
  • Land-based mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  • Biodiversity in the anthropocene
  • Health and land use
  • Connections between land systems and other systems such as climate, hydrological, ecological
  • Land change in understudied ecosystems (floodplains, wetlands, secondary forests)
  • Big Data in land science
  • “Illicit” land uses
  • Feel free to suggest your own!

TO RESPOND TO THIS CALL: please send a short email of intent to the Editors in Chief, and

There is no fixed deadline.