Recap and Special Issue call from 4th Research Workshop on Archetypes of Sustainable Development

Related GLP Member: Luigi Piemontese, Christoph Oberlack, Diana Sietz

The 4th Research Workshop on Archetypes of Sustainable Development was held fully online from 3-5 February 2021. Responding to the open Call in September, more than 40 participants from 5 continents discussed current research and emerging frontiers of archetype analysis in sustainability research. The workshop’s first part featured the presentation and discussion of 20 ongoing studies in this field. Its second part offered the participants the space to reflect on the current state of the art in archetype analysis; to discuss emerging thematic and methodological frontiers; and to network among like-minded colleagues. Apart from these inspirations, insights and networks, a key outcome of the workshop are action plans for about a dozen follow-up actions for the next phase of research on archetypes of sustainable development. This year’s workshop was co-organized by Luigi Piemontese, Simona Pedde, Matteo Roggero, Christoph Oberlack and Diana Sietz, and preparations for the 5th Workshop have been set up.

In addition, a Special Issue, "Archetypes of sustainbale land use and governance" will be published by Enviornmental Research Letters in October. The deadline for full paper submissions is June 30, 2021.

The Call for Papers has been published here:

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