Peri-Urban Dynamics: Geospatial Linkages of Population, Development and Land in Gujarat, India

Related GLP Member: Ankit Sikarwar

Urban expansion beyond the city’s administrative boundaries has altered villages to a great extent. These peri-urban villages are experiencing unforeseen changes in demographic, economic, land-use, and environmental characteristics. The concept of peri-urbanization is grabbing the attention of urban planners and policymakers globally. To understand the dynamics of the peri-urban region it is crucial to examine multiple rural and urban characteristics. This book studies major changes in population, land and development with the integration of remotely sensed data and census data for 615 peri-urban villages surrounding Ahmedabad city of India. The chapters of the book are designed to cover key aspects of peri-urban change with geospatial methods. This book offers a comprehensive understanding and importance of analyzing peri-urban dynamics at the smallest spatial unit. It provides a detailed conceptual and methodological framework for the students and researchers to study peri-urbanization as well as for the policymakers to redefine the urban policies.