Online course: Exploring Sustainability in the Indian Context

Related GLP Member: Harini Nagendra

Rapid and widespread environmental, economic and social changes have led to urgent global questions of sustainability. Concerns of sustainability in developing countries like India can be very different than that of industrialised countries. In developing countries, equity and social justice are central to addressing sustainability, along with environmental concerns. This interdisciplinary, multi-instructor course provides an introduction to sustainability within the context of development in India. We develop an integrated perspective on sustainability along ecological and social dimensions, and use these to examine critical themes of importance to India, like population, food, and climate change. We explore how our imagination of culture, markets, state, and even of nature itself influences sustainability action. We end with examining how to take sustainability action - as individuals, communities and larger collectives, and across all scales, from the local to the global. Participants in this fully online course are expected to watch video lectures, join interactive video-discussions with faculty, and participate in discussion forums. Those who complete all activities and tests and submit assignments will get a Certificate of Participation from Azim Premji University.

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