Managing the Global Commons: Sustainable Agriculture and Use of World's Land and Water Resources

Related GLP Member: Thomas Hertel

On Thursday (March 9), Purdue University’s Discovery Park announced the winners of the Big Idea Challenge, a new program that will provide resources to interdisciplinary teams of Purdue faculty and students pursuing bold proposals that address global challenges.

The seven winning teams intended to position the university as a leader in generating new solutions for solving global grand challenges in the areas of health, security and sustainability are:


“Managing the Global Commons: Sustainable Agriculture and Use of World’s Land and Water Resources” 
Principal investigator: Thomas Hertel, Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics 

Overview: The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are focused on ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Meeting that goal will require reconciling future demands for food, energy, clean water, biodiversity, climate change mitigation and poverty reduction. Examining the possibility of win-win outcomes, Hertel and his team will establish an applied research consortium to analyze scenarios and explore policy alternatives that promote responsible public and private investment, sustainable management of critical, shared natural resources, and collective action toward meeting the UN’s SDG.