IG Award for papers relevant to work of international organizations

The SNIS provides CHF 15’000 annually for the IG Award. Ideally the SNIS awards three prizes every calendar year. The maximum amount allocated to each prize is CHF 5’000. In case of a greater number of equally remarkable papers, the SNIS International Geneva Committee (IGC) can decide to share the total amount available between a greater number of finalists.

It can also decide not to award any prize if no work is of sufficient quality. Unallocated prize money will not be reported to the following year. If a paper is co-authored, the authors of each paper will have to indicate modalities for distributing the prize. The SNIS shall not be involved in the distribution of the prize between the co-authors.

  • Entrants must be professors or researchers at a post-doctoral level working in a Swiss university at the time of the paper’s publication. They need not be citizens or residents of Switzerland. Only one submission per person per year (or group of persons in the case papers are co-authored) is allowed.
  • Papers must either have been accepted for publication at the time of submission (proof required), or have been published in a scientific journal after 1st September 2019.
  • The research described in the paper must be in the field of international studies, as defined above.
  • Papers must be submitted in one of the three following languages: English, French or German, with a substantive abstract in English. All material in another language must have a full translation in English, French or German included in the submission, as well as a substantive abstract in English.
  • Papers written as part of a SNIS funded research project are not eligible.
  • Papers written by members of the International Geneva Committee and their families, as well as members of the Governing Committee are not eligible.