GLP YouTube channel provides more than 75 videos for professional development and education

The GLP YouTube channel has grown over the past few years and now houses more than 75 videos on diverse land systems science topics. The videos are organized into playlists to help you find what you are looking for, and many contain links to the presentations and other speaker materials from the original events. Feel free to use these videos as you like, including for your own professional development and as supplementary material for your syllabi and trainings.

We publish new videos on a regular basis including the following:

  • NEW! Agricultural Land Abandonment as a Global Land-Use Change Phenomenon 
  • 3 January - Socio-Ecological Land System Research in Mexico
  • 10 January - Land Systems and the Pandemic - Learning from Global Shocks
  • 17 January - Governance of Human-Wildlife-Interactions in Peri-Urban Landscapes
  • 24 January - How can LSS use the Land Matrix Initiative database?

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