Get involved with the Pangea Scoping Study

Related GLP Member: Marius von Essen

PANGEA – short for “PAN tropical investigation of bioGeochemistry and Ecological Adaptation” - is a 1-year scoping study for the NASA Terrestrial Ecology decadal research campaign is led by UCLA Professor Elsa Ordway. PANGEA consists of five interdisciplinary research themes and three cross-cutting working groups. PANGEA’s objective is to submit a white paper at the end of the year which will then be considered for funding by NASA. GLP Member Marius von Essen is a postdoc at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability as well as a co-lead for the Social-Ecological Systems (SES) Working Group, which is tasked with drafting a research agenda around the topic of ‘spatial and temporal variability of tropical forest social-ecological system processes and responses to change.’ He says they are bringing together an exciting group of SES researchers to discuss how to incorporate SES into the white paper and the larger NASA Terrestrial Ecology campaign. He thinks PANGEA might be of interest for some of you, in particular considering the thematic and geographic overlap, and we have many opportunities to get involved. Please get in touch with any questions! Marius von Essen,