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EVENT RECAP: Setting the Stage

Related GLP Member: Isabelle Providoli, Albrecht Ehrensperger, Jana Zscheischler, Flurina Schneider, Narcisa Pricope

The GLP working group Co-production of Sustainable Land Systems held its first webinar, a kick-off session for anyone interested in co-production in the field of land-system science, in June 2018.

The webinar was intended for people already engaged in co-production, as well as to newcomers to the topic, who are not currently engaged in this exciting work.

The webinar set the stage and:

  • provided introductory presentations about knowledge co-production,
  • laid out the conceptual and practical issues related to co-production,
  • highlighted examples of implementation of co-production in the field of land system science, and
  • elaborated on co-production issues specifically related to land system science.

GLP Members Dr. Flurina Schneider, Dr. Narcisa Pricope, and Dr. Jana Zscheischler provided input presentations, followed by panel discussions and Q&As.

Please view the full webinar (you can also make it full screen):

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Introduction, Dr. Isabelle Providoli (PDF, 3.4 MB)
Transdisciplinary Co-Production of Knowledge: a Short Introduction, Dr. Flurina Schneider (PDF, 5.2 MB)
Knowledge Co-Production in Socio-Ecological Systems: Adaptive Research Co-Design, Dr. Narcisa Pricope (PDF, 1.8 MB)
The Adoption and Implementation of Transdisciplinary Research in the Field of Land Use Science - A Comparative Study, Dr. Jana Zscheischler (PDF, 4.1 MB)

Further Reading

Schneider, F. & Buser, T. Sustain Sci (2018) 13: 129. Promising degrees of stakeholder interaction in research for sustainable development. (PDF, less than 1 MB)
Zscheischler, J., Rogga S., & Busse M. Sustainability (2017) 9: 1926. The Adoption and Implementation of Transdisciplinary Research in the Field of Land-USe Science - A Comparative Case Study. (PDF, less than 1 MB)

Want to learn more? You can watch the second co-production webinar recording and download presentations.

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