EVENT RECAP: Prehistoric land use reshaped most of terrestrial nature - does that matter now?

On January 19, 2022, we held a webinar exploring the implications of recent work in PNASand Annual Review of Environment and Resources showing that 12,000 years of increasingly intensive land use has reshaped biodiversity, ecosystems, landscapes, and climate across most of Earth's land. A panel of authors and experts explored the ways that land use history matters now more than ever for sustaining nature and human well-being.

Erle Ellis: Overview: 12,000 years of land use transformed Earth's ecology (SLIDES)
Kees Klein Goldewijk: Modeling global land use in prehistory (SLIDES)
Jacquelyn Gill: Prehistoric land use and ecological change (SLIDES)
Delfin Ganapin, Jr.: Indigenous land use and conservation today (SLIDES)

GLP SSC members Patrick MeyfroidtRuth DeFries, and Navin Ramankutty opened the discussion, followed by questions from the audience.