EVENT RECAP: Network of Social-Ecological Observatories for the Andes (ROSA)

Related GLP Member: María Piquer-Rodríguez, Julieta Carilla, Lucía Zarbá

On 28 June 2023 the GLP Working Group for Socio-Ecological Land Systems in Latin America and the GLP Nodal Office for Latin America presented the newly-created Network of Andean Social-Ecological Observatories. The 'ROSA' network was established at the workshop ‘Participatory land observatories for a sustainable Andes’, held in Argentina in May 2023 and supported by the ESA-Future Earth Joint Program. ROSA provides a framework for integrated monitoring of the social and biophysical components of land systems in the Andes, bringing insights together on their interactions and changes occuring at a continental scale, and helping researchers to share information and connect with decision-making processes. Currently, the network has partners from every Andean country, but it is open to integrate further partners who can contribute to the monitoring efforts.

The webinar had three sections:

1) María Piquer-Rodríguez provided an introduction to the origins of the Network (SLIDES).

2) Julieta Carilla presented the bases of the Network (SLIDES).

3) Lucía Zarbá presented preliminary results of a map of Social-Ecological Land Systems of the Andes and the existing monitoring efforts (SLIDES).

The presentations were followed by Q&A and discussion.