EVENT RECAP: Land systems’ insights from the pandemic and lock down

Related GLP Member: Esteban Jobbagy, María Piquer-Rodríguez, Lucía Zarbá

To get to know each other and expand their networks, the GLP Socio-Ecological Land Systems of Latin America Working Group held a special virtual meeting in June 2021. The idea was to promote interactions among members and exchange thoughts beyond our everyday research, through a mix of break-out rooms and plenary sessions. In this opportunity the topic was land systems' insights from the pandemic and lock down and was moderated by Dr. Esteban Jobbagy.

The organziers and several participants put together a blog post summarizing the discussions held during the event. Although it will take time to make sense of the myriad changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought and continues to bring into their lives as scientists, and into the socio-ecological land systems that they study, they identified several likely patterns of long-term change including:

  • Reduced mobility of migrant workers and, as a result, a decrease in remittances
  • A rise in smallholder and subsistence agriculture
  • A rise in land use and trade in illicit commodities
  • Relatively unaffected large scale mechanized agriculture supply chains

Although it is too early to say if these changes are here to stay or are temporary pandemic phenomena, they have created a unique opportunity to study the resilience of socio-ecological land systems to large scale disturbances. Read the blog post to learn more about the observations and insights shared during the event.