Related GLP Member: Martin Bruckner, Cecilie Friis, Dr. Julie Zähringer

The GLP working group Telecoupling Towards Sustainable Transformation held its first webinar, which introduced the freely-available FABIO model, in September 2019. The webinar was led by GLP Member Dr. Martin Bruckner of Vienna University.

FABIO comprises a set of physical supply-use and input-output tables, covering global production, processing, trade, and consumption of 130 agricultural and forestry commodities in 192 countries.

Dr. Bruckner presented a couple of applications on issues such as food and nonfood uses of crops and livestock products, trade, footprints, food waste, diets, and nutrient flows.

He then discussed potential research questions that could be answered using FABIO and answered questions from attendees regarding the use of FABIO for their research.

Please view the full webinar (you can also make it full screen):

FABIO webinar (slides), Martin Bruckner (PDF, 2 MB)

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