European Conference on Ecological Modelling invites submissions

The 9th European Conference on Ecological Modelling, ECEM 2023, welcomes contributions that directly or indirectly support transformation. Learn more about the conference

For now, the organizers are inviting session and workshop proposals:

Please send an e-mail to with the subject “ECEM 2023: Session proposal” and provide:

  • Title of the session
  • Name(s) and affiliation(s), and e-mail addresses of organizers, highlighting the main contact (please consider diversity)
  • A short description of the content and scope of the session (up to 300 words).

We also have 1-hour time slots for workshops offering, e.g., specific training, mentoring, career options, or panel discussions. For such proposals, please use “ECEM 2023: Workshop proposal” in the subject and provide additional information about specific equipment needed and possible limits to number of participants.

Deadline for sending session and workshop proposals is Jan 10, 2023.