Earth Interactions journal invites contributions

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Earth Interactions, a full Open Access by the American Meteorological Society.
2021 Journal Impact factor 2.000
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Chief Editor: Sonali McDermid, GLP Member

Scope: Earth Interactions (EI) publishes integrative, interdisciplinary Earth Systems Science research that advances our understanding of the interactions and coupling between Earth’s physical systems and chemical and biological processes, including (but not limited to) biogeochemical cycling, biodiversity, and the multitude of human influences. EI encourages manuscript submissions on a wide array of topics falling under the above Scope.

Additionally, research manuscripts and/or critical perspectives on natural climate or nature based climate solutions, carbon dioxide removal, and on processes and interactions occurring between terrestrial and aquatic systems are currently of particular interest to EI.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Editorial Board for inquiries ( More information and instructions for submission can be found at Earth Interactions | AMETSOC <>

A sampling of our current Early Online Releases:
Volume 27 (2023): Issue 1 (Jan 2023)

Contrasting Ocean–Atmosphere Dynamics Mediate Flood Hazard across the Mississippi River Basin
Samuel E. Muñoz, Brynnydd Hamilton, and B. Parazin

Understanding Meteorological Changes Following Severe Defoliation during a Strong Hurricane Landfall: Insights from Hurricane Michael (2018)
Shannon A. Nelson and Paul W. Miller

Simulating the Hydrologic Response to Climate Change in Three New Zealand Headwater Basins Using CMIP6 Datasets
John C. Risley and Christian Zammit

The Regional Diagnosis of Onset and Demise of the Rainy Season over Tropical and Subtropical Australia
Vasubandhu Misra, Shubham Dixit, and C. B. Jayasankar

Projected Changes to Streamflow and Stream Temperature in Central Texas: How Much Will the River Flow?
Adrienne M. Wootten, Elinor Martin, Charles R. Randklev, and Ryan Smith

Detection of Land-Use Change and Rapid Recovery of Vegetation after Deforestation in the Congo Basin
Coralie E. Adams and Luis Garcia-Carreras

Integration of the Livelihood and Ecosystem Services Frameworks—A Case Study on Urban Agriculture in Mexico City
Mayra I. Rodríguez González, Christian Kelly Scott, Tatiana Marquina, Demeke B. Mewa, Jorge García Polo, and Binbin Peng

Evaluating Drought Indices for Alaska
Joshua M. Walston, Stephanie A. McAfee, and Daniel J. McEvoy

Potential Impact of the Pan-African Great Green Wall on Sahelian Summer Precipitation: A Global Modeling Approach with MPAS
Gerhard Smiatek and Harald Kunstmann