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Contribute a short chapter to the International Resource Panel (IRP) Report: “Land Restoration for Achieving the SDG’s”

The International Resource Panel is seeking volunteers to contribute a very short (750-1500 word) policy chapter on one of the SDGs addressing the (a) co-benefits and possible costs/tradeoffs of land Restoration for the SDG, and (b) strategies for using land restoration to achieve the SDG. The chapters should be written for policymakers, and supported by at least several references. We will provide a standard format, and an initial list of literature resources.

We particularly welcome responses from scientist-practitioners with both specialized knowledge of individual SDGs and an understanding of sustainable land management/restoration/rehabilitation. If you are submitting your application as a GLP members please include “GLP-Member” in the “Organization” field in the survey, in addition to your home institution.

Please use

to indicate chapters you would be willing to lead or co-author.
We will begin reviewing responses on 5 April.

1. Lead author* (drafts chapter)
2. Contributing Author* (provides suggested edits/feedback to Lead Author).
*You are welcome to invite others to contribute to the writing, and we would be happy to include them in the author list for the report. Please complete the survey only for the individual who will serve as the contact.


Report and chapter distribution:
The chapters will be included in the published (print and online) report, and made available as stand-alone documents through the IRP’s website. IRP reports are widely disseminated within many governments, particularly those represented on its Steering Committee.

Recognition: Lead Authors and Contributing Authors will be included in the official citation as a member of the IRP Working Group for the report.

More information including chapter format and structure of the entire report:


5 April: begin review of potential Lead and Contributing Authors
10 April: Author invitations based on initial responses; authors provided with access to a Google Drive folder pre-loaded with reference materials.
10 May: Lead Author send draft to Contributing Author.
24 May:  Lead Author send drafts to Contributing Author.

International Resource Panel

The International Resource Panel “investigates the world’s most critical resource issues with a view to developing practical solutions for government policymakers, industry and society”.

This report will be a “Think Piece”, which is typically the shortest of the 4 types of IRP publications.

Thank you,

Jeff Herrick – Co-lead author

Please contact us at with any questions.