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Co-production webinar series enhances capacity of researchers in transdisciplinary methods

From June 2018 to March 2019, the GLP Working Group for Co-production of Sustainable Land Systems held a webinar series that aimed to enhance the capacity of researchers in transdisciplinary methods. It also produced syntheses that helped to better understand processes of co-production of knowledge in land system science.

The following compilation of links gives you direct access to the webinar recordings, presentations, and additional resources provided by staff and speakers.

WEBINAR #1: Setting the stage

WEBINAR #2: Adaptive landscape approaches using role-playing games

WEBINAR #3: Participatory modelling, scenario building and forecasting techniques in land system science

WEBINAR #4: Co-designing sustainable land systems with spatial analysis and mapping tools

WEBINAR #5: Ethical and contextual considerations in knowledge co-production; and lessons learned from the webinar series

If you would like to learn more about or join the Co-production working group, please visit their homepage at

If you have any questions about the webinar series or the working group, please email Dr. Isabelle Providoli.