Call for submissions for special issues in Remote Sensing and Land

Recently we set up two Special Issues one is in MDPI Remote Sensing and one is in MDPI Land, which might be relevant for Global Land Project community. And these two Special Issues are interlinked.

In MDPI Remote Sensing Special Issue is entitled "Monitoring Agricultural Land-Use Change and Land-Use Intensity" and is primarily designed to publish novel remote sensing methodology on mapping  agricultural land-use change and intensity.

In MDPI Land Special Issue is entitled "Understanding the Patterns, Drivers and Consequences of Agricultural Land Use Change and Land-Use Intensity" focuses more on understanding of mapped patterns of agricultural land-use change and intensity, and on improvement of LU theory related to agricultural land-use change.

These two SI give a good opportunity for the GLP audience to publish their results in the field of Land System Science and we hope to advance sub-section of field. For more information contact Alexander Prishchepov at