Call for submissions: Limited land - a global perspective

Related GLP Member: Patrick Hostert

Limited land - a local to global perspective

Land systems are the result of human interactions with the natural environment. Understanding the drivers, state, trends and impacts of different land systems on social and natural processes helps to reveal how changes in the land system affect the functioning of the socio-ecological system and the tradeoff these changes may represent.

This session accordingly welcomes contributions to land systems science with a focus on limitations in land-based resources. We specifically invite oral presentations and posters that deepen our insights on:

  • land scarcity, either relating to certain land functions or land-based resources, in a specific world region or from a global perspective
  • how land limitations connect across scales or between different regions of the world, including e.g. displacement
  • how to improve modeling of land systems across scales
  • advances in remote sensing for quantifying limitations in land resources

The session will take place on in August during the KOSMOS Conference in Berlin, Germany.