Call for Proposals: Integrated Approaches to Human Migration/Mobility in an Era of Rapid Global Change

The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative research networking call on the theme: Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Current patterns of global development based on people’s continuous extraction and exploitation of natural resources are not sustainable, and a societal transition to systems of sustainable consumption and production (SSCP) is urgently needed. In an attempt to promote co-development of research through science and stakeholder-based approaches to attain SSCP, Belmont Forum has launched a call for research proposals.

Call themes:

  • Theme 1 – Transdisciplinary research to help transition to green economies with sustainable systems of consumption and production
  • Theme 2 – Sustainable and Resilient industries and their governance systems
  • Theme 3 – Social Inequality and Environmental Justice
  • Theme 4 – Integrating new technologies, policies, and practices into everyday life