Call for papers: Women in Land Science

Related GLP Member: Darla Munroe, Verena Seufert, Karen Seto

The guest editors welcome expressions of interest for a special issue devoted to highlight the excellent and cutting edge scholarship of women in land science. This special issue aims to showcase the diverse and important contributions being made by female or non-binary scientists to the field of land use science, but also to acknowledge the challenges and gender bias women are still facing in land science. This Special Issue also contributes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts of the Global Land Programme (

The Journal of Land Use Science (JLUS) posits land as the key interface linking social and natural systems and is thus a critical point of analysis and intervention to global sustainability. We welcome interdisciplinary papers that examine key social trends (globalization, migration, resource extraction, urbanization, land management and governance, among others) and their interrelationships with climate and environmental systems (land cover, ecosystems, nutrient cycling, regional hydrological and atmospheric processes, etc.). We also particularly welcome contributions highlighting gender dimensions of land use.

JLUS seeks to make major contributions to basic sustainability science as well as to inform land policies. We reaffirm the Global Land Programme’s commitment to the co-production of knowledge, involving stakeholders of multiple types in our science.

We also welcome useful commentaries about the challenges of gender diversity working in land science, including career advancement, mentoring, fieldwork, balancing family obligations, and other such issues that would be useful to a broad, international readership.

To provide a spotlight on the work of women in land use science, papers in this issue must feature a woman or non-binary person in land science either as first or as corresponding author. Preference will also be given to papers including the work of junior scholars. We are especially committed to geographic representativeness and welcome papers from Black, Indigenous and People of Color working in land science, and scientists from the Global South and historically marginalized regions.

Types of contributions

Many potential paper formats will be considered, including full research papers, analytical literature reviews, or short commentaries (length from 3,000 – 8,000 words, including references). For more information about the journal and the submission process, visit:

Key dates

  • May 1, 2021: email expressions of interest due to the four guest editors with title, list of authors and contact information, and 200-word abstract
  • July 1, 2021: initial manuscript submitted
  • October 1, 2021: revised manuscripts accepted

Issue to appear January 2022

Jane Southworth,; University of Florida
Verena Seufert,; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Karen Seto,; Yale University
Darla Munroe,; Ohio State University

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