Call for Papers: The socio-ecological complexity of the Amazon

Related GLP Member: Paulo Massoca

Dear Colleagues,

We want to share the invitation for the manuscript's submission to the special issue we are organizing in the journal Land on "The socio-ecological complexity of the Amazon: a microcosm of challenges and opportunities to reconcile development and conservation."

Amazonia harbors some of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems and is home to 30+ million people in nine countries and diverse local conditions, urban and rural. A region of continental proportions, Amazonia is a mosaic of social-cultural and environmental realities and interconnected local and global economies. As such, the Amazon is the stage where diverse worldviews, demands, initiatives, and narratives over conservation and development intersect, impacting social-ecological systems from local to global scales.

As a microcosm of the complex and rapid changes of the Anthropocene, Amazonia offers a window of opportunity to understand the challenges and potential pathways to tackle critical social-environmental demands of our times. In this special issue, we aim to collect research studies that frame and analyze the rich, complex, and dynamic interactions unfolding in Amazonia’s social-ecological systems.

Please, find additional information here. We invite interested authors to submit to the editors a proposal with a tentative title, abstract (300 words), and the list of authors and respective organizations by August 15th. We kindly ask you to indicate whether assistance to cover the journal's open access publication fee is necessary. That will allow us to seek support for publishing some of the accepted manuscripts. The submission of complete manuscripts is due in March 2022.

Best regards,
Paulo Massoca, João Campos-Silva, Rita Mesquita