Call for Papers: Novel Approaches in Tropical Forests Mapping and Monitoring

Related GLP Member: Carlos Portillo

Dear Colleagues, 

My name is Carlos Portillo-Quintero, I am an associate professor at the Department of Natural Resources Management at Texas Tech University, and I would like to invite you to contribute to a Special Issue in the journal "Remote Sensing" (MDPI) that might be of your interest. 

The Special Issue focuses on showcasing work that advances the integration of remote sensing technologies and Spatial Data Analytics Infrastructures for tropical forest monitoring.  

The Special Issue is entitled "Special Issue "Novel Approaches in Tropical Forests Mapping and Monitoring – Time for Operationalization" ( ). 

We are inviting papers including but not limited to the following research topics:

  • Methods for predicting forest biophysical and biochemical parameters at multiple geographic and temporal scales;
  • Novel data ingestion, optimization, and data management techniques for tropical forest monitoring;
  • Integration of field data, ground sensor networks, and remote sensing datasets for tropical forest monitoring.

Deadline: November 30th, 2021.