Call for papers: Land Cover/Land-Use Changes in South and Southeast Asia

Related GLP Member: Thilde Bech Bruun, Cornelia Hett

Dear Colleagues,

South and Southeast Asia have experienced unprecedented land-cover and land-use changes in the past few decades, and the trend is likely to exacerbate in the coming years. These changes are driven by a complex set of factors, actions, and rationales operating at and across various scales and levels. For instance, distant drivers may initiate local changes in land use in South and Southeast Asia, and these changes may create feedbacks leading to new drivers, which again may trigger land-use changes in the same or a different area. The land-use outcomes may bring about positive or negative environmental and socio-economic changes—or both—at the local, regional, and even global level.

This Special Issue seeks to assemble papers that advance our knowledge about the drivers and effects of land-use changes in South and Southeast Asia. We are interested in papers that provide new empirical evidence, review papers, and meta-analyses of, for example, case studies from the region. We are particularly interested in papers that look at the causes and effects of land-use changes from a multi- or interdisciplinary perspective, from a landscape level to a regional level. Papers that introduce novel methods of assessment of land-use changes, new ways of analyzing data, or new ways of ascribing drivers or effects to land-use changes are also welcome. Finally, we would like to encourage submission of solution-oriented studies. We do not encourage submission of papers reporting results of single local cases.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thilde Bech Bruun
Senior Research Scientist Dr. Cornelia Hett
Prof. Dr. Rob Cramb
Guest Editors