Call for papers: Land Cover and Land Use Change in Conflicted Societies

Related GLP Member: He Yin, Xiao-Peng Song

Looking back at 2022, perhaps the biggest geo-political shock is the war in Ukraine. Yet, armed conflicts are prevalent in the world, and can strongly affect our society and environment. Monitoring land cover and land use change (LCLUC) amid the conflicts is vital for providing humanitarian aid for food security and post-conflict planning. The recent proliferation of very-high resolution, high frequency, and multi-modal remote sensing data sets from public and private sectors has opened new opportunities in land change monitoring in the conflicted area, where remote sensing is often the only means for information collection. This special issue calls for the latest research on understanding the impacts of LCLUC caused by armed conflicts and political instability. We welcome papers focusing on changes in agriculture, forest, grassland, urban environments, as well as population displacement in the regions that experienced armed conflicts and political instability. Papers on conflict-induced LCLUC with a direct or indirect link to climate change are also welcome.

Deadline: 31 August 2023