Call for papers: GIS and remote sensing advances in land change science

Dear Colleagues,

In the face of the emergence of Land Change Science (LCS), Geographical Information and Remote Sensing sciences have claimed a central role in observing, quantifying, and monitoring changes in land surfaces. In this Special Issue, recent advances in Remote Sensing and GISc that are related to LCS will be presented.

Land changes studied at a variety of scales, both in space and time, will be presented in an attempt to explore the role of analytical tools and technologies in understanding changing landscapes. Priorities include novel techniques for quantifying and analyzing land change with the use of old and new remote sensors. Combining geographical data from multiple spatial, spectral and thematic scales to quantify changes and their spatial patterns are also among priorities. Issues related to spatial error distribution as well as the detection of false changes through time are of particular interest.

Papers incorporating novel and interesting techniques to study land change, as well as some interesting applications, will be considered. Well-prepared review papers are also welcomed.

Dr. Sotirios Koukoulas
Guest Editor