Call for Papers: Earth Observation for the SDGs

Related GLP Member: Graciela Metternicht

Earth observation and remote sensing of environment can support several SDG targets/indicators; the emphasis of these special edition’s papers would be to focus on environment-related SDGs (e.g. Goals 6, 13, 14 and 15).

Please have a look at this Call for papers of a special issue on 'Earth Observation for the Sustainable Development Goals', with Graciela Metternicht (UNSW), Argie Kavvada. (EO4SDG), Lawrence F. (NASA), Alex Held./Flora Ker (CSIRO/CEOS AHT SDG) and William Sonntag, GEO Secretariat, as guest editors:

Please note that Elsevier is adopting a new Virtual Special Issue (VSI) modality: all accepted papers will be available online on the Journal’s website shortly after acceptance by editors. Once the ‘official’ deadline for publication of the special issue is over, all papers submitted are compiled into it. Therefore, authors no longer need to wait 12 months or so to have their papers published as part of a special issue.

Feel free to share this call to your network, and please contact us if you are interested and/or need more information (Graciela M., as the managing Guest Editor: