Call for manuscripts: "Sustainability in an Urbanizing World: The Role of People"

Related GLP Member: Harini Nagendra

Dear Colleagues,

The 21st century is the era of urbanization, and cities and urban areas will be essential to transitions towards greater global and local sustainability. Urban areas constitute particularly challenging contexts for sustainability, given their high ecological footprints, population densities, social fragmentation, inequity and poverty, and teleconnections, which generate vulnerabilities to changes in distant parts of the world. We welcome submissions that evaluate the role of urban areas and the impact of urbanization on sustainability, exploring a range of issues that include (but are not limited to) climate change, energy and resource use, urban metabolism, land change, rural-urban migrations, globalization and teleconnections, urban ecology, urban social-ecological systems and urban sustainability education. Papers can be empirical or theoretical in focus. We especially invite submissions that examine urban sustainability from lesser-known contexts, such as from smaller cities and towns, shrinking urban areas, and cities of the global South, and papers that go beyond a disciplinary focus to look at inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary studies. However, we also welcome disciplinary papers and research that focuses on mega-cities and cities of the global North, which provide advances in our understanding of urban sustainability issues.

Prof. Dr. Harini Nagendra
Guest Editor