Call to join High Level Group of Scientific Advisors of the Scientific Advice Mechanism of the European Commission

The seven members of the SAM HLG are appointed by the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, from a short list established by an Identification Committee.

The Commission Decision of 16 October 2015 on the setting up of the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors[1] states that the short list also serves as a pool of candidates for the replacement of members of the group.

The short list now needs to be replenished to build a pool of first-class candidates for replacements. The Commission therefore invites the organisations and bodies that make up the European scientific and research community to submit high level nominations. The nominations will be assessed by the Identification Committee on the basis of the factors and conditions set out in the 2015 Commission Decision.

Interested stakeholders will find on this webpage a description of the profile of suitable candidates as well as a description of factors and criteria for the selection process and which includes, inter alia, experience of scientific or policy leadership at the European or global level, gender balance, the reflection of the breadth of the research community across Europe, and consideration to younger next-generation leaders.

A template for the statement on the qualifications/profile of the candidates is available. Use of this template is recommended for the nomination of candidates.

The Commission would be grateful to receiving your nomination of appropriate candidates who confirmed their willingness to become member of the HLG in the short or medium term.

The deadline for submitting nominations is 15 January 2018 (noon CET).

The address for sending submissions is