Call for experts on resilient food systems

The HLPE-FSN is looking for ad hoc experts to draft the report on “Building resilient food systems”, to be launched in June 2025. The report will provide recommendations to the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS)' workstream of the same title under the focus area: “Fostering resilience of agriculture and food systems to shocks and stresses".

The selected experts will be responsible to contribute, according to the agreed division of responsibilities and disciplinary background as guided by the team leader, to the preparation of the report and the submission of its successive drafts and deliverables, in close collaboration with the HLPE-FSN Steering Committee, made up of 15 world-renowned scientists in a variety of food security and nutrition related fields, and in coordination with the HLPE-FSN Secretariat. 

Selected experts will have the opportunity to serve as co-authors of the HLPE-FSN flagship report and actively participate in the CFS public debate focused on resilience, as integral members of the HLPE-FSN initiative. Additionally, they may engage in various public events and publications, providing opportunities for broader dissemination of their expertise and insights, should they desire and circumstances allow. 

Selected experts will participate in the work of the HLPE-FSN in their individual capacities, not as representatives of their respective governments, institutions or organizations. 

The HLPE-FSN Steering Committee will ensure that the final composition of the report's drafting team ensures diversity of required scientific competencies, as well as the best possible age, gender and geographical representation balance, as well as a compact and functional team. The competencies available within the team will be complemented by those available within the HLPE-FSN Steering Committee. It is expected that two face-to-face or hybrid meetings of three days each will be organized during the elaboration of the report, complemented by weekly or bi-weekly virtual meetings. Assignments are unremunerated, although all related expenses will be covered by the HLPE-FSN Secretariat. 

Deadline: 12 June 2024