Call for EGU 2021 submissions for session on land use in agriculture and forest landscapes

Related GLP Member: Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Felicia O. Akinyemi, Matthias Bürgi, Olena Dubovyk, Joerg Priess

As GLP members based in two Swiss and two German institutions, we cordially invite submissions for the EGU 2021 ERE1.5 Session on Land use dynamics, land degradation and insights for land sustainability in agriculture and forest landscapes

Land is a finite resource that is under competing uses and claims. With progressing global environmental change, claims on land and their suitability for human land uses are also likely to change. Conversions such as forests to croplands or changes in land use intensity both result in diverse patterns and trajectories of change with potentially different land use outcomes. Evidence also hints at critical underlying local processes whereas driving factors may be context dependent or global. Hence, a better understanding of what role land use dynamics can play for improving the land sustainability in agriculture, forestry and urbanizing landscapes is required. This understanding is necessary to identify relevant land management and governance options. This session examines the spectrum of land use dynamics landscapes face and insights to be gained for promoting resilient landscapes that ensure ecosystem integrity, stop or reverse the degradation of ecosystems, and support human wellbeing in the light of achieving various Sustainable Development Goals. We welcome empirical papers that address land use dynamics and their impacts on ecosystem functions and services at local to regional scales in agriculture, forestry and urbanizing landscapes. Communications to be presented at this session will be considered for either a publication in a Special Issue or a synthesis paper to which we would invite session contributors.