Call for Contributions: Special Issue of Socio-Ecological Practice Research Journal

Related GLP Member: Christine Fürst

The Special Issue "Open System Modelling Frameworks toward a Better Understanding of Multi-Scale Interactions in Socio-Ecological Systems" is opened for a call for contributions in the Socio-Ecological Practice Research journal ( A detailed description of the Special Issue is published online ( We welcome submissions of socio-ecological practice research, novel simulation frameworks and how advanced modelling systems can support decision-making and policy implementation.


Anthropogenically dominated landscapes bring up multi-faceted socio-ecological systems where no monitoring technique or model platform is sufficient to simulate and assess the often non-linear feedback loops across scales. To advance the development of complex socio-ecological modelling approaches, different knowledge sources, inter- and transdisciplinary concepts along the edge of social, economic as well as ecological sciences have to be combined in open modelling systems. Converting modelling outcomes into sustainable resource management will strengthen the understanding between short-running policy-impacts, mid-term societal demands as well as long-lasting ecosystem health trends. Studies may focus on smart technologies to bridge the gap between scholars and practitioners. At the science-policy interface, the Special Issue aims at gaining new insights in analyzing and modelling human-nature interactions by addressing (I) significant findings about socio-economic and environmental interactions, (II) identifying modern model architectures or describing model applications as well as (III) recommending management strategies to strengthen decison- and policy-makers.