Call for abstracts: IALE session on the impacts of armed conflicts on landscapes

Related GLP Member: Alexander Prishchepov, Lina Eklund, Matthias Baumann, Jamon Van Den Hoek

Armed conflicts, their duration, intensity, but also locational characteristics may negatively impact landscapes and change their functioning through socio-ecological interaction, resulting in the degradation of landscapes. The diversity in pace and locations of armed conflicts provides room for thought. Also, many land-use transitions following armed conflicts are non-linear and extra efforts are needed to understand common implications of armed conflicts on land systems, duration of degradation or post-conflict recovery, and system shifts associated with landscapes affected by armed conflicts.

The session aims to address key knowledge gaps regarding (a) the systematic mapping of conflict-related land-use land-cover changes, and (b) the identification of causal linkages between conflict outbreaks and land-use land-cover change. The session serves as a platform to discuss the challenges in measuring the implications of armed conflicts in various forms on landscapes.

We welcome presentations on:

  • Case and synthesis studies on implications of armed conflicts on landscapes
  • Evaluation of the processes of resilience, degradation and recovery following armed conflicts
  • Interaction of social unrest and political changes, environmental changes and armed conflicts and their impacts on land systems
  • Methodological frameworks, and case studies with novel data sets, to evaluate the implications of armed conflicts on landscapes
  • Historical land-use legacies of past armed conflicts on contemporary landscapes.

We welcome both quantitative and qualitative studies evaluating armed conflicts' implications on landscapes, including ecological, social and interdisciplinary studies.

The session contributes to the activity of IALE and the Global Land Program.

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