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Be involved in the IPCC AR6

GLP parent organization Future Earth is collating nominations for Lead Authors, Coordinating Lead Authors and Expert Reviewers for the IPCC's 6th Assessment Report (AR6) and land system science needs your voice.
Read the agreed chapter outlines for AR6 for:

Working Group I - The Physical Science Basis:
Working Group II - Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability:
Working Group III - Mitigation of Climate Change:
Land system science will have relevance to many chapters.
If you are willing to take a leading role in AR6 or would like to suggest colleagues that should take part in the writing of AR6, fill out the relevant Working Group nomination form(s) (below) and send, along with a CV (pdf, in English, less than four pages) to GLP Executive Officer Ariane de Bremond by 15 October 2017:
Working Group I nomination form:
Working Group II nomination form:
Working Group III nomination form:
GLP’s nominations will be forwarded to Future Earth, who, in turn, will submit suitable and complete nominations to the IPCC before the submission deadline of 27 October.
Access the IPCC Press Release about the procedure here:
Access the IPCC AR6 brochure here:"