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Atmospheric Processes and Land Cover Changes: Report from the AMP2016, Larnaca, Cyprus

Related GLP Member: Manfred Lange

Understanding atmospheric processes, both physical and chemical and their interrelationships with Earth-surface processes, including changes in surface characteristics and terrestrial ecosystems remain still incompletely understood scientific challenges. An international workshop e on Atmospheric Processes in the Mediterranean (APM 2016; that took place in Larnaca, Cyprus from17-21 Oct. 2016 was intended to shed some light on these and related issues. The workshop was jointly organized by the French ChArMEx program and the Cyprus Institute and was co-organize by Future Earth’s MENA Regional Center (FEMRC; and the Future Earth Integrated Land-Ecosystem Atmosphere Process Study (iLEAPS) program.

Manfred Lange, the Director of the Global Land Project’s (GLP) Regional MENA Node (GLP-RMN) gave an invited presentation at the workshop, which dealt specifically with the Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Future Earth’s Water-Energy-Food Nexus-Knowledge Action Network (W-E-F-Nexus-KAN). Many of the processes and characteristics inherent in the W-E-F-Nexus-KAN are of significant importance in the MENA Region[1]. They are also compatible with numerous topics addressed in the Global Land Project and are therefore highly relevant in the context of shaping GLP’s future research agenda.

[1] MENA (Middle East and North Africa), describes the region extending from Morocco to Iran, including all Middle Eastern and Maghreb countries, as well as Cyprus, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Israel, Greece and Turkey