Visiting Research Fellows


Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN)


Friday, January 12, 2024

Start Date

Saturday, June 1, 2024

The RIHN Visiting Research Fellow Program brings overseas researchers to the Institute for periods of two to six months to engage in specific research in the context of one of the RIHN Research Programs, Research Projects or Units of RIHN Center and Strategic Planning and Management Department.

〇Period of Research at RIHN:
   The research period ranges from 2 months up to 6 months, within the fiscal year 2024 (June 1, 2024-March 25, 2025).

  Applicants must
- have a Ph.D. or equivalent qualification/experience,
- be a researcher who is employed in an overseas research institute (including those with Japanese nationality) or a non-Japanese researcher who is employed at a university or a research institute in Japan (Applicants should maintain their employment status at the home institution until the end of placement at RIHN).

〇Support for the Fellow:
・Maintenance Allowance
   RIHN covers expenses for accommodation and basic daily expenses during the stay according to RIHN Regulations. Visiting Fellows can stay at the RIHN House at a reduced fee.

・Travel Expenses
   Travel cost for one round trip economy-class ticket between home institution and RIHN will be reimbursed.

・Research Support Allowance
   A research support allowance of 150,000 JPY is available to cover cooperative research-related expenses.

〇Expectations and Duties:
   Visiting Research Fellows are expected to engage specific research in the context of one of the RIHN Programs, Projects, RIHN Center Units, or Strategic Planning and Management Department Units. They are also encouraged to interact with RIHN faculty and staff and to provide feedback and advice concerning operation and activities at RIHN

Visiting Research Fellows are also required to:
- Give one or more lectures at a RIHN Seminar* RIHN Seminar:
- Submit a short activity report

〇Deadline for applications:
   All application documents must be submitted by email no later than Friday, January 12, 2024.
   Each Visiting Research Fellow works with a RIHN host researcher who acts as the main point of contact with the Institute. Applicants are advised to develop plans for research and activities during their stay at RIHN in consultation with the intended host researcher. It is required that the initial contact with a provisional host researcher is made at the latest 3 weeks prior to the application deadline.

For details and application forms, please check the below URL.

Contact Info:
International Affairs Subsection, General Affairs Section, Administrative Office, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature